8 in 10 customers enter new stores based on their outdoor signs!

Outdoor signs keep your patrons and community members informed of your business and have the power to help increase sales. In fact, 75% of customers will not only enter a store because of its informative outdoor graphics but will also tell others about a business based on its eye-catching signs. Our graphic design team wants you to leverage this statistic to advance your business to its greatest potential. We design, manufacture, and install your custom signs using the best materials to customize your unique marketing vision to help you reach your goals.

outdoor signs

Sign Box

Custom-made sign boxes are a tried-and-tested product that can serve almost every business across industries. If you have a storefront that welcomes walk-in traffic, you need a sign box to capture your unique logo and brand. Sign boxes can be made in both illuminated and static styles – both attracting the same attention, with one illuminating for visibility at night.

Channel Lettering Signs

Channel lettering signs are not just custom-made letters fabricated in a variety of materials, they’re your brand clean and vibrant! These signs offer a modern look with the flexibility to be designed based on almost any logo or font style. If your business is located in a high traffic area, illuminating channel lettering signs add the perk of at-night visibility for future customers.

Halo-Lit Signs

Channel letters can also be fabricated in a sleek lighting style that illuminates each character or logo with a glowing halo. By positioning channel letters slightly raised off of your outdoor building facade, light shines through the open-back feature creating a vibrant effect. Your custom halo-lit sign can be customized with a  variety of colour options to help make your brand pop with a modern flare.

3D Signage

Three-dimensional signage adds more depth to your custom sign that may appear flat. By slightly extending letters, adding shading, or raising elements to create a pop, your sign’s classic feel becomes fresh and exciting. 3D signs, or dimensional signs, can be designed in a variety of styles using a multitude of materials to capture almost any brand’s specific customization goals.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs or freestanding pole signs, increase visibility to your business’s storefront that customers can spot from a distance. If you’re seeking large-scale impactful print marketing for your department store, gas station, or plaza centre, our pylon signs are designed to withstand extreme Canadian weather, while never wavering in quality and vibrancy.

Blade Signs

We don’t like to play favourites, but blade signs are truly stunning additions that turn any shopfront into a sleek business. These signs are designed to extend from your building’s facade with a custom-built attachment that patrons can spot as they pass. If your storefront sits in a high foot-traffic area where shops are positioned close to one another, you need a stunning blade sign to pull in customers.

Neon Signs

You don’t have to be 80s obsessed to appreciate the versatility and value of neon signs for your business. These electric signs maintain their radiance through gas-charged tubes and can be created in a wide variety of colour options and shapes. If you’re looking to take your branding to the next level with custom signs that are long-lasting and highlight your brand, contact us today!

Storefront Graphics

Designed and fabricated in a multitude of vibrant colours and custom finishes, storefront graphics create attractive additions to windows and point-of-purchases with decals and free-standing displays. If you’re looking for something more than a one-size-fits-all approach, custom storefront graphics capture the unique facets of your brand with customized graphic touches that make a difference.

Wayfinding and Directional Signs

Location is everything – from the interior of your product and fabrication placement to the location of your building to capture the right customers. You need bright and innovative products to help customers find where they’re going with customized wayfinding and directional signs. Our team designs and fabricates floor graphics to external building signs to help your customers move in the right direction.

Construction Site Signs

Clearly alerting foot and vehicle traffic is paramount to maintaining safety in any construction zone. We design and fabricate custom mandatory, prohibition, warning, and emergency signs to bring notice of safety or precaution to customers, as well as employees. Although we love to custom design, we keep true in maintaining standardized best practices for your safety site signs.

Illuminated Signage

Illuminated signs start off as of your desired sign model with the added flair of lights to capture customers! We design and fabricate lights for indoor and outdoor use with sleek materials, and add the power of visibility to showcase your logo, brand name, or even boat name. Our LEDs can be colour-matched to your business’s unique brand and mounted to any indoor our outdoor facade.

Custom Signage

The dynamic abilities of our advanced printing machines allow us to offer any brand the custom sign of their dreams. Our finishes and multi-faceted adhesive products and mounts mean we can place your sign in any location. And they last. Our leg up is living through harsh Canadian winters and that means we can offer you the right advice when creating a completely new custom sign for your business.

Advertising Signs

Custom advertising signs are meant to uplift your brand with one purpose: make sales. Our graphic designers work with the latest design technology to model exact renderings of how your custom advertising sign will appear when printed. But, that’s not the best part. These technologies allow us to utilize the space of your sign in full, without bleeding or too much white space. We do this to ensure you’re getting the highest quality product for your investment.

Monument Signs

Monument freestanding exterior signs serve as pronounced business markers that can be seen from a distance. These signs work well for businesses with large car parks or large plots of land, but can also serve small shops looking to increase their visibility in high foot traffic areas. All monument signs can be made to any height using durable materials to fulfil the needs of any sized business – literally.

Post and Panel Signs

Named after the elements of which they’re comprised, post and panels are a form of an outdoor monument sign that showcases your brand.  These freestanding signs can be fabricated in MDF, aluminium composite,  coroplast, and much more to ensure a longlasting product that maintains its vibrancy throughout all seasons.

Wood, PVC, and HDU Signs

Wood signs have made their comeback as a trusted method to fulfil any business’s sign needs. From construction signs and new-build announcements to trendy vintage-inspired dining and consumer shops, wood signs marry practicality and aesthetic for customized branding. Our advanced design and printing technology allow us to work with wood, PVC, and HDU to build stunning signs.

Fascia Signs

Fascia signs use the roofline and horizontal width of your business’s facade to make a great first impression. These outdoor signs can be designed in diverse quality materials that ensure durability, longevity, and versatility in fabrication. Consider your shop’s “fascia” one of the most prominent areas of your business. Make it stand out with the right fascia sign!

Ground Signs

Custom ground signs are free-standing structures that are attached to concrete footers for relative permanency. Ground sign structures can be designed in exciting and sleek methods to ensure your sign is on-track with your branding. If your business offers a fresh offering that promotes health and wellness, picture a stunning wooden ground sign installed from within a natural floral or grass base.

Projecting Signs

Projecting signs pop-out from the side of any business or shopfront’s facade to create an added element of visibility to customers. We offer a variety of projecting signs to meet your fabrication and branding goals. Our materials are designed to withstand harsh Canadian weather, which means your branding and design will not fade or damage over time!

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