Paint Protection Film

We use 3M paint protection film (PPF) to maintain the lustre and sleek finish of any vehicle. PPF’s invisible layer of thick clear vinyl provides exceptional protection against stone chips and scratches and helps customers avoid repeat investments in vehicle refurbishment and repainting.

PPF undergoes a wet application process and can work effectively covering entire or partial surface areas of vehicles. Our team applies PPF to key surfaces that may be more prone to damage or scratches for long-term protection from corrosion and fading. Some common customized PFF applications include front bumpers, fenders, hood, and mirrors.

Stop Long-term Damage & Avoid Refinishing

  • Helps stop corrosion over time due to chips and divots
  • Cost-effective alternative to repainting your vehicle
  • Can be installed based on your preferred location
  • Appears completely transparent for that new car feel
  • Can be installed into almost any vehicle make or model