Custom Vehicle Wraps & Color Changes

Custom vehicle wraps and color changes have come a long way in the past 10 years. There are many different finishes available from Gloss, Matte and Textured vinyl to achieve the look a person wants. Combining different type and color of vinyl can achieve a totally unique look. The type of vinyl used makes a big difference in the longevity and removability. Because there are many different companies that manufacture vinyl, it is understood that they all do it differently. The most important feature of vinyl, however, is the glue. We like to use 3M products because we know that we will not run into any problems during the installation and later during removal.

Achieving a paint like finish is not easy as it takes time and patience. To do a proper custom vehicle wrap & color change, many portions of the vehicle must be removed (i.e. door handles, mirrors, etc.) in order to do this properly. In order to achieve a paint like finish for custom vehicle wraps and color chagnes, an installer has to wrap the vehicle in a way that there are no overlaps or seams. However, larger vehicles cannot be wrapped without a seam because of their size.