Aluminium Composite Panels

Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) or Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) is used in a large variety of signage fabrication. These panels are very versatile and allow MYC Graphics to produce anything from simple parking signs to illuminated signage. Our full-service print shop can help design, prototype, manufacture, and install virtually any type of signage or graphics that business needs. Our CNC shop has a variety of equipment including a CNC router, CNC laser, and CNC knife. This CNC equipment allows us to cut and engrave ACM to produce a large variety of aluminum signs. Paired with our print shop capabilities which allow us to print directly onto substrates such as ACM or ACP as well as virtually any substrate, the signage possibilities are virtually endless.

ACM is essentially two very thin sheets of aluminum that sandwich a polyethylene core making this a very durable material to manufacture sign with. With cutting and scoring abilities this substrate can be cut and bent into different shapes and sizes to create custom signage.

ACP comes in different thicknesses, colors, and finishes ranging from brushed metals and textures to matte or glosses. With our print shop capabilities, we can literally print anything on it from wood grain textures to a giant full-color graphic mural. There are different types of ACM/ACP that can fit any type of application for both indoor signage and outdoor signage.

CNC signs get a lot more attention than just vinyl graphics alone. So if your business is looking for a little more attention, our CNC manufacturing capabilities can help you get there. CNC machines are highly accurate which enables us to create custom cutouts with a print that will help drive people to your business or that second look at your products while people are walking by. Our CNC shop can create custom display units for products or even customize a tradeshow booth or display with anything from walls, shelves, signage, and art. The possibilities are endless.

Below are some examples of projects and signs we have used Aluminum composite for.

  • ACM bulkhead Signage
  • Aluminum Signage
  • Interior dimensional aluminum sign
  • Printed media Wall (step & repeat)
  • Custom metal art
  • Outdoor Chrome Pylon Signage
  • Interior walls/murals
  • Wayfinding Signage
  • Directory Signage
  • Construction Signage
  • Reception Signage

MYC Graphics is a sign manufacturer capable of printing, manufacturing, shipping, and installing signage nationally in Canada. Our design and production teams can create the custom sign that your business deserves and needs to get attention.

ACM Panels
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