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MYC Graphics Inc is a Mississauga based printing company that specializes in printing and designing custom signs, labels, posters, banners, apparel and much more. Along with all of that, we also have a vehicle graphics and print division at www.marketyourcar.com. Our history began in 2008 as Market Your Car Inc. with a specialty in vehicle wraps. Since then we have printed and installed graphics on thousands of vehicles and worked with companies such as Giorgio Armani, Google, BMW, & GFL. We can do anything from full or partial car wraps and bus wraps, to entire fleet graphics with truck wraps and trailer wraps.
Our initial success is easily attributed to the quality and service we provide to our customers. Our vast knowledge of advertising, marketing, and printing has allowed us to grow to an 8,000 sq ft facility with the capacity to install multiple 53ft trailer wraps in our bays. Our winning strategy of quality and service has allowed us to seamlessly grow into other avenues of the print industry to consistently improve and offer more products. With the acquisition of more equipment and bringing on talented and professional employees MYC Graphics Inc. was born to envelope everything that we do so well.


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MYC Graphics has grown into a full service printing company with signage manufacturing capabilities. With our small and large format printers we can print anything from posters and banners, to building graphics and truck & trailer wraps. The addition of our 4x8 CNC machine has allowed us to create various different types of signage for interior and exterior application including dimensional lettering, channel lettering, sign boxes, custom displays, etc. We have now begun to expand into the 3D printing market with the addition of our 3D printer. Our qualified staff is always more then willing to help our customers through the entire process from design to print and manufacturing all the way through to installation. We have the ability to print anything from banners, custom wallpapers, car wraps and graphics, to roll-up banners and trade show displays. This paired with our manufacturing abilities to design and create custom signage, such as channel letting and dimensional signs has made our company become a full service printing and sign company.
Our constant growth is attributed to our loyal customers who have supported us over the years and our great employees who truly care about our customers and the things we create for them. Our on going missions is to design, create, and manufacture anything possible with quality and service in mind. After all: Our business is showcasing yours.

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We pride ourselves in having the highest quality of printing and installation in the industry.


We may be in the graphics business but our business is service. That’s why our customers always come back.


We take responsibility for our work. Mistakes happen. And when they do. Rest assured that MYC will always see it through to the end.


Our Reputation is everything. That’s why a job is never done until the customer is satisfied.

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Custom Interior and Building Signage

As a leading sign and printing company in the Mississauga and Greater Toronto Area, MYC Graphics offers a wide variety of signage services. Our designers can help design and create custom and unique attention-grabbing signs for various business needs. Interior and Exterior signs can be used to drive customers to the business or to specific sections of a retail environment.

Custom signs encompass simple directional signs to point consumers in the right direction, product signage to highlight certain brands or products in a retail environment, various POP (Point-of-purchase) signage to encourage impulse purchases, as well as an endless variety of other interior signage applications. Exterior or Building Signage includes channel lettering, dimensional lettering, sign boxes, illuminated signs, blade signs, etc. Our printing and manufacturing abilities can help create signage which drives customers through the door.

Its harder then ever for a business to stand out – that is why signage is so important. If a business cannot stand out or be found by a potential customer then it’s future hopes are slim. People are more likely to go into a new business if their entire store looks professional because of the catchy signage that is being used and is well placed instead of going into a business with mediocre or absent signage and no clear direction or reason to buy from them. Signage these days almost adds a trust factor to a business before the customer even steps into the door.

Printing Services

MYC Graphics is a full service printing company located in Mississauga and servicing the Greater Toronto Area. Our printing services include business cards, brochures, flyers and poster, Large Format printing of banners, canvases, decals, stickers, car wraps and fleet graphics. Our ability to print custom jobs or large print volumes gives us an edge in the industry. We are large enough to handle the largest job yet small enough where if you call our office you can get a hold of the right person right away. Our focus on print quality and service over the years has been in integral part of our growth and help us become a full service print company.

In addition to printing we carry display systems such as banner stands, roll-up banners, trade show booths, flag banners, etc. and when combined with our print quality they create attractive and vibrant displays for any number of purposes.

Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Vehicle Wraps and Graphics are integral part of today’s marketing strategy. The definition of a vehicle wrap is when a portion or all of a vehicles surface is covered with graphics that is promoting a company, brand, service, or product. Car wraps, truck wraps, trailer wraps, and bus wraps are all forms of vehicle graphics. Vehicle wraps are relatively inexpensive when compared to other forms of advertising. A full car wrap can last 5+ years and a trailer wrap can last 10+ years if they are printed using correct materials and installed properly. Car wraps do not have to cover the entire vehicle. Partial wraps or half wraps are terms used when one covers less then the entire vehicle’s surface with graphics. They can be just as effective as full vehicles wraps when designed properly.

The cost of a car wrap can be much less then the cost of advertising on an average billboard for one month. On top of that, car wraps can last more than 60 months for less then the cost of one billboard ad for one month. This is a large factor in the ever increasing popularity of vehicle graphics. Our designers know how to get the most out of mobile vehicle advertising. MYC Graphics can handle anything from a small smart car wrap to a full fleet of 53 ft trailer wraps. Our installation network has a Canada wide fleet which is perfect for national business wanting to keep their branding consistent across the country.