Kitting and Logistics

Print Component Kitting & Distribution logistics

Kitting and is when various items are packaged and shipped to a customer for self-assembly. At MYC Graphics we can print a variety of print collateral and combine them into kits to ship out to different regions for a brand campaign or event. We have a wide range of products, attractive product packaging, customization, and inventory control and product fulfillment, and we take care of your project from design to delivery and installation. By providing our customers with the right pre-assembled items in kits we ensure customer satisfaction through cost and time savings. No matter the scale of your project, we are ready to provide you with the right tool for a fully-realized print marketing product that you can be proud of.

Complex Kitting Services & Marketing Fulfillment

Customized Kitting by Location and Region

The kitting process involves gathering or producing all marketing assets and collateral from the beginning and creating a work-back schedule so that we can set a delivery deadline for all kitting components.  Through the customization and variable lifecycle of the print production phase, we carefully output all products, ensure quality and integrity of the graphic data, and account for each segment specific to each location.  Our kits include instructions and are tracked using barcode serialization and accounted for at all points.

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