Perforated Graphics

Windows are often the best real-estate on a vehicle. This is because they are usually always at eye level and fairly flat.

Perforated film has little holes in it which allows people to see graphics from the outside while allowing people to see out from the inside. Depending on the angle of the window, the driver may have reduced visibility. This can be solved by using a film with a different perforation pattern. The image on the right shows an example of a rear window wrapped in perforated vinyl.



It is important that the perforated vinyl gets laminated with the appropriate optically clear laminate. This laminate protects the graphics from UV light and other elements. Therefore, increasing their longevity. A perforated graphics that have not been laminated will fade and wear out very quickly.


If a film is not laminated than you will loose all the visibility anytime it rains or snows. This is because the water will get trapped in the perforation which allows you to see. A reason why a company may not laminate the graphics is due to cost or lack of installation ability.


It is important that the edges of the perforated vinyl get taped with an optically clear tape. This will prevent fraying of the graphics as wind passes along them, significantly increasing their life.