Awning Signs

Attract business with eye-catching awning signs!

Awning signs are custom HD graphics printed on large sheets of canvas and various materials stretched across a frame used for overhead covering of doorways, windows, entrances, and patios. Although awnings are aesthetically pleasing, awning signs are practical as well. In addition to assisting in maintaining your overall branding goals, awning display signs also protect doorways and windows from immediate rain runoff. This can be an ideal feature in your restaurant or shop that avoids splashing unsuspecting customers and clients when entering or exiting your shop. Awning signs also provide much-needed shade during sunny weather when outdoors!

Increase Foot Traffic with Awning Signs

Beyond practical elements, awning signs also can capture the attention of foot traffic and vehicle traffic from further distances and this increases conversion rates for your business. Believe it or not, awning signs are back in trend as the elegant and classic print marketing tool that creates a beautiful finish for your exterior space. Every brand can benefit from using awning signs as part of its print marketing package.

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Awning Signs