Wall Art Prints

Print your Custom Wall Art on Canvas, Acrylic, Framed, Metal, and PVC Sintra


Stretched Canvas

Stretched canvases are canvas materials that have been stretched over a picture-shaped frame usually made of wood. Our custom made stretched canvases are your beautiful personal art piece that you can hang or gift to someone special. Our designs and finishes are made to last and can be customized to your favourite stock images, art renderings, or photography.

Acrylic Prints

These high-gloss wonders use light to celebrate their finish transforming any image into a stunning mountable piece. Our acrylic wall art prints are made from 1/4 inch acrylic with imagery mounted on its back. This affords your acrylic print with a striking professional feel made with lasting durability. Our customers can also select their customized mount.

Framed Canvas

Our framed canvases take the beautiful stretched canvas and add a museum-ready feel that highlights your print. The beauty behind additional framing features is in their aesthetic appeal. Framed canvases add depth to any print, which, when displayed in your space, creates an impressive interior designed look. What’s your style? Let’s talk custom art and frames!

Metal Prints

Metal prints are custom print images created on modern aluminium finishing. Our custom metal prints elevate any images into an industrial or sleek art piece that elevates brands or creates a stunning focal point in your living space. Some impressive features of custom metal prints are their water and scratch-resistant surfaces – ideal for creative art pieces that last.

Framed Photos

Photography or image prints displayed in frames offer the reliability and classic aesthetic presentation for any photo buff. Our customized frames can be fabricated to meet almost any print size, with a variety of framing finishes to choose from. If you’re stuck on options, our in-house designers can work with you the marry your stunning image to the best-suited frame for mounting.

Sintra Prints

Sintra prints combine the feel of poster board and PVC to capture stunning print images on firm material that lasts. Our Sintra prints come in a variety of colours and finish options to help showcase your prints. And that’s not all. This lightweight material provides a low-grade matte finish that offers amazing durability for your custom print photos and stock images.