Blade Signs
outdoor signs.

Blade Signs

Blade signs are eye-catching mounted signs that protrude forward to help draw attention to the location on which these signs are mounted. Blade signs are the go-to sign option for businesses located in high traffic areas like outdoor strip malls, plazas, low rise commercial tenant buildings, and more.

Due to their outward-facing style, blade signs have the ability to attract attention while potential customers walk by a series of storefronts. Foot traffic is less likely to walk away from the store in order to see their main graphics on the higher outer portion of a building facade, so blade graphics alert customers of a brand and its offering in a custom sign that shares important logos, tag lines, shop names, and key information to entice new purchases.

What’s your Blade Sign Style?

Plastic Blade Signs – Weather-resistant and lightweight plastic is an easy-to-use alternative to metal fabrication and can be more cost-efficient. In addition to a variety of colours, plastic blade signs can be moulded into any shape. 

Acrylic Blade Signs – Acrylic’s glossy finish provides a high quality feel that is loved for its versatility and longevity. Acrylic blade signs can be used outside of your building in a variety of weather conditions without fading or damage, as well as indoors.

Nylon Blade Signs – Nylon banners present sophistication in all weather conditions and are a favourite among customers because its versatility, creative features, and ability to manifest almost any image, style, or branding feature with ease.