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Quality car wraps, commercial wraps, van wrap designs, and vehicle wraps are our specialty

Since 2008 we’ve installed the best car wraps on over 2000 vehicles, and we continue to innovate to be your go-to car wrap company in Mississauga and beyond. After providing years of expert service in straight truck wraps, we decided to meet our community’s need for commercial vehicle graphics by being the go-to vehicle wrap company with advanced print marketing and graphic design in one location making it the best vehicle wrap shop in town. Our Quality wraps have been enjoyed by thousands of our customers and we will never stop delivering spectacular custom printed vinyl car wraps.

When it comes to custom printed vinyl car wrap, we know our ability to offer solid print marketing tools for quality car wraps and so much more, it’s what sets us apart as the most innovative and reliable car wrap shop in town.

We are graphic designers and print marketers specializing in vehicle wraps, van wrap designs, and quality car wraps. When searching for vinyl wrap cars near me, think of MYC Graphics and our team of skilled installation experts who specialize in vehicle wraps Mississauga and GTA style; that is, best car wraps using state-of-the-art car wrap printer technology. If what you’re looking for is a quality car wrap, give us a chance, you won’t be disappointed.

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We’re your go-to vehicle wrap shop and custom printed vinyl car wrap supplier!

Our award-winning creative team develops quality car wraps such as attention-grabbing fleet graphics, trailer graphics, cube truck wraps, van wrap designs, and commercial wraps, designed for any vehicle from compact sedans to long-haul trucks. And every install is complete with the same precise installation and care making our vehicle wrap company one of the best car wrap providers in the Greater Toronto Area.

We carefully colour-match your logos with impactful graphics and our car wrap printer ensures accurate alignment and stunning graphics on every install so your custom printed vinyl car wrap always exceeds the industry standard.

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Our innovative graphic technology allows our designers to make custom commercial vehicle graphics and fleet graphics while tracking your vehicle’s body so that our car wrap printer can develop quality car wraps to your vehicle’s specifications. Then, our car wraps Mississauga and Car wrap Ontario installers align your wrap in several pieces to avoid bubbles, weather damage, or rain exposure under each cut. Once installed, you can trust that, as one of the best local car wrap places, you will receive seamless straight truck wraps, van wrap designs, trailer wraps, and commercial wraps, for weather-resistant and long-term use.


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Our desire to provide quality, expertise, and satisfaction has helped us grow into a 15,000 sq. ft. facility, wrapping compact vehicles to large fleet trucks. And our wraps are designed, fabricated, and installed in-house with our team. Our team of dedicated designers and installers help guide our customers through the process from development to installation, to ensure cohesive branding that focuses on your business and makes an impact.
Our advantage is our people.  Each MYC team member is dedicated to delivering quality work. We are not afraid to ask questions and adjust to meet your brand goals. When relying on us for a custom wrap or when contacting a designer for a new website, you can trust our team to explore the right options for your business. And thoughtful service, built on real relationships, is at the heart of our business because we genuinely care about your success.

“Our vision is to help brands make an impact through innovative marketing built on real relationships.”

Our Advantage is Our People

Each MYC team member is dedicated to delivering quality work. We are not afraid to ask questions and adjust to meet your brand goals. When relying on us for a custom wrap or when contacting a designer for a new website, you can trust our team to explore the right options for your business. And thoughtful service, built on real relationships, is at the heart of our business because we genuinely care about your success.



Market Your Car Inc.

For more detailed information about vehicle graphics please visit Market Your Car Inc., our vehicle graphics divisions website.

Did you know commercial vehicle graphics and trailer wraps get noticed?

CPM stands for cost per thousand impressions – an industry-standard measurement, which defines how many dollars it costs to run an advertisement to receive 1000 impressions.

Studies estimate that vehicle wraps can garner as many as 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions. Vehicle wraps have one of the lower CPMs in the industry making them an important part of the marketing mix.

Our car wrap printer technology makes decals that last!

Vehicle Wraps can last 5+ years if installed properly and with the right material. Truck and trailer graphics can last 10+ years if given the right care. Our Vehicle Maintenance Guide explains how to take care of a wrap to ensure the longevity of your purchase.



What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap consists of graphics printed on vinyl with an adhesive backing that is installed on trailer wraps, fleet graphics, commercial wraps, and other small vehicle wraps. Other terms for a vehicle wrap include car wrap, truck wrap, bus wrap, and trailer wrap. Partial wraps involve only a portion of a vehicle being covered with graphics and adhesive material. These are also called half wraps, as they often cover half the vehicle, but can also cover less or more depending on the design. At our vehicle wrap shop, customers often refer to vehicle graphics as decals. Decals usually consist of simple logos or text placed on vehicles, rather than covering large portions of the vehicle surface with graphics.

How do you install trailer wraps or commercial wraps?

The entire process begins with strategic design and can take the longest to complete. A customer may have a fleet marketing concept in mind or is opened to creating brand new trailer graphics or vehicle wraps. The experts at our vehicle wrap company work with our customers to develop the best car wraps with innovative designs, and from there our team creates mock-ups! Once these mock-ups are approved, we translate a customer’s idea into an attention-grabbing fleet marketing. In cases where companies have their own design departments, our vehicle wrap company is happy to take on a support role and can advise and review to ensure perfect trailer graphics and commercial wraps.

Once the design process is finished, we the car wrap supplier move your fleet marketing concept into production. Production can take anywhere from 2 to 5 days depending on the type of project. It takes roughly 1 day to set up and print the graphics, and printed graphics require a minimum of 24 hours to out-gas and dry before lamination. All graphics must be laminated with the proper laminate before being installed onto a vehicle to prevent fading from UV, rain damage, wear and tear, and to ensure the longevity of our quality car wraps.

When the graphics are ready for installation, our professional installers adhere your custom product to your vehicle.  This can take anywhere from a couple of hours for simple decals to 2 to 4 days for 53 ft trailer wraps and food trucks. An average-sized car wrap’s fleet graphics takes around 1 day.

Some people ask us why it takes so long. And the simple answer is because we do it properly.

Why do car wrap prices vary from one vehicle wrap company to another car wrap shop?

Every vehicle wrap company in the industry will most likely have a different answer to this question. In the end, it boils down to 4 major points: Size of company, materials used, quality of installation, and quality of printing.

Size of Company: By working with an established vehicle wrap shop, you can expect our entire quality car wrap service to be catered around excellence. So, we staff multiple people to maintain multiple departments dedicated to your fleet marketing. In hiring professionals who genuinely care about providing the best car wraps, you invest in the longevity of your car wrap company’s products and quality guarantee.

Materials Used: We use 3M, Avery, Oracal, and Hexis quality materials for our trailer graphics and fleet graphics installations. We use 3M Certified Standard products and Avery because of their durable, fade-resistant, weather-resistant, and long-lasting quality finishes. Our vehicle wrap company and print marketing service could easily provide cheaper variations of products to wrap your vehicles, but that would mean you would be stopping by our car wrap company a lot more. Our vinyls are designed to last. And lasting materials mean you visit our shop less because you are happy with your straight truck wrap and commercial vehicle graphics with which you’ve been provided. There is a multitude of vinyl types that are made by numerous companies for different purposes.

Some of their feature variations include,

  1. Air Release Technology – allows the vinyl to be installed without air bubbles underneath because it escapes through air channels specially designed for the purpose.
  2. Conform-ability – some vinyl is manufactured to be stretched up 150% of its original size, while others are printed using materials designed for a tighter fit that’s less pliable. This is a very important feature when it comes to quality car wraps because of the curves unique to every vehicle.
  3. Adhesive Type – some vinyl adhesives are made to be permanent, temporary, or removable. Choosing the wrong one on a vehicle can damage the paint upon removal.
  4. Life – Some vinyl is made for short-term applications such as 1 month, while others are made to last 10+ years. A vehicle wrap done using the proper materials and installed correctly should last 5+ years.

Quality of printing: Today’s large format printers are amazing machines, but they require ongoing cleaning and maintenance to function properly. Most poor-quality prints are a result of one of 4 components:

  1. Design Quality – No matter how great a company’s car wrap printer is,  if design files and graphic capabilities are low, your trailer graphics or fleet graphics will print undesirably. It is ours car wrap shop’s responsibility to ensure your design files are high enough resolution to ensure the print you expect. A good print company will double-check files and advise customers of the quality before printing! And our car wrap company does that!
  2. Resolution – Printers have profiles that tell them how much ink to drop to make a certain colour. These profiles have different resolutions that they print. The higher the resolution the more ink the printer drops and the slower it prints. Companies often choose the low-resolution setting which allows them to print much faster and do more jobs per day with one machine.
  3. Printer Maintenance – A car wrap printer can take quite the beating from printing graphics all day long and because of that, it needs to be cleaned regularly. If it is not cleaned regularly then the head will clog up and produce poor quality prints. Our team ensures our graphic printers run smoothly and efficiently to avoid excess downtimes that cause delays in our customers’ products.
  4. Printer Setup – Every printer has an internal setting and mechanisms which need to be adjusted over time. If these adjustments are not done then the print will come out looking poor. These settings adjust the speed at which the printer prints, the distance between passes as it prints large panels, the alignment of the head as it moves to ensure it drops in the right place, and much more. These are all vital to ensure good quality prints.

Quality of Installation: The quality of installation plays a major role in the life of a wrap. If installed improperly, the wrap can begin to fail the next day and will fail to maintain its adhesion and durability longer than a few months. If, however, the installation is performed correctly by one of the GTAs top car wrap places, like us, your custom vehicle wrap graphics can last 10+ years.

Vehicle wraps are exceptional fleet marketing opportunities to build brand awareness. Commercial car wraps take advantage of moving vehicles by transforming them into mobile billboards.

When you compare the cost of a vehicle wrap to other forms of advertising and any other car wrap supplier, it’s easily seen how inexpensive the options are when hiring the right vehicle wrap company.

The following table shows the cost comparison between vehicle wraps and other forms of advertising, as well as the annualized average cost of wrapping various vehicles including trailer wraps, straight truck wraps, fleet graphics, and commercial car wraps.

Average Cost Vehicle Type Life Annually Monthly Daily
$1,650.00 Compact Car 5 Years $330.00/yr $27.50/mo $0.89/day
$2,300.00 Small-Medium Cars 5 Years $460.00/yr $38.33/mo $1.24/day
$2,450.00 Medium-Large Cars 5 Years $490.00/yr $40.83/mo $1.32/day
$2,600.00 Trucks & Vans 5 Years $520.00/yr $43.33/mo $1.40/day
$2,800.00 Large Trucks & Vans 5 Years $560.00/yr $46.67/mo $1.51/day
$2,700.00 Cargo Vans 5 Years $540.00/yr $45.00/mo $1.45/day
$3,000.00 Small Food Trucks 5 Years $600.00/yr $50.00/mo $1.61/day
$2,400.00 Small Cube Trucks 10 Years $240.00/yr $20.00/mo $0.65/day
$5,500.00 Large Trailers 10 Years $550.00/yr $45.83/mo $1.48/day
We’ve done the math and a wrapped vehicle in the GTA will generate, conservatively, 7,700,000 views in a single year! That works out to 21,095 views per day.