Fleet Graphics

Fleet vehicles serve as marketing real estate that builds your business. Did you know car wrap marketing generates between 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day? Interestingly, 30% of customers agree that they visit a store either online or in-person about one week following an interaction with a vehicle ad. And they buy. There is no way to argue the numbers – fleet graphics make a difference, and they can improve your business’s engagement by driving your advertisements to your customers.

When it comes to custom graphics, our team of designers, installers, and manufacturers work together to create tailored products that stand the test of time. We want your brand to stand out on the road and in the minds of potential customers no matter where your fleet vehicles take your business.

Fleet Graphics add Credibility

Having a branded fleet can add credibility to your company through people’s impression of the graphics. A single logo on a truck can give the impression of a stable and reliable company, whereas a blank truck can make the company look like it’s run out of the basement of a house – even if it has hundreds of employees.

Fleet Graphics Rejuvenate Vehicles

Specialty fleet graphics rejuvenate older fleets with cost in mind.  Did you know it’s more cost-efficient to revamp your fleet with custom wraps than replace old vehicles or repaint? We can make any vehicle look brand new or maintain your current aesthetic with clear wraps that protect your graphics. Let us work with you to design and install the right wraps for your fleet. 

Fleet Graphics Protect Vehicles

New vehicles that have been wrapped receive the benefit of protecting their original surface. When vinyl is installed on a vehicle, it protects the paint from wear and tear, fading from UV, and small stone chips. This can add resale value to a vehicle when it goes up for sale.