Commercial Printing Services

MYC Graphics is a large-format commercial printing services company located in Mississauga and servicing the Greater Toronto Area. We offer a large variety of commercial printing services and products across a multitude of platforms. At MYC, we take pride in our exceptional print quality and service.

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Quick turnaround times, large facility and our
relentless attention to detail

MYC Graphics has become the trusted go-to commercial graphics printing company for many businesses across the GTA. If we say we can do it, we’ll get it done. There’s no surface we can’t cover.

The MYC Graphics team is a crucial asset that allows our company to outperform the competition. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is our clients’ best resource for everything, from design to execution of specialty products. Whether it’s creating business cards, installing a large variety of signage, or wrapping an entire fleet of vehicles with graphics, we’ll deliver an effective solution at the lowest possible cost.


Mimaki JFX200-2513

With the capability to print onto thick substrates, it offers the ability to produce a diverse range of prints for both indoor and outdoor use such as backlit displays and signage, signs and posters, interior décor, glass and metal decorative panels and more.

HP Latex 365

The HP Latex 365 Printer produces indoor and outdoor prints on a variety of traditional signage substrates—even textiles. And high-quality, durable prints provide scratch resistance comparable to hard-solvent inks.

Mimaki CJV30-150

The “Print and Cut” function immediately turns an idea into a real product. Its alluring print quality invigorates your creative abilities. It’s simple and practical for everyday use.

Mimaki CJV150-130 (x2)

This high-speed, large-format, solvent printer/cutter device go beyond extraordinary to deliver a wide range of applications. Precision cutting capability gives you the ability to deliver custom and short-run items such as labels, T-shirt transfers or package prototypes.

Mimaki JV33-150

State-of-the art inkjet technology makes enhanced high quality / high speed performance a reality. The CJV33 completes the production of banners, backlit signs, pop displays, floor graphics, labels, posters, high quality stickers, vehicle wrap, window signage and more…

Mimaki CJV300-160

The multiple functions of the CJV300 models enable high-quality printing and high-accuracy cutting. The CJV300 alone completes the production of labels, stickers, and vehicle wrapping films.

Mimaki GFX Plotter CG-160 FX II Plus

This plotter is designed to produce products for:

  • Sign & Display
  • Window Graphics
  • Cutting Sheet Sticker
  • Labels & Decals

Flatbed Laminating Light Table

The flatbed applicator can let you mount large format print and self-adhesive film to many substrates like acrylic, rigid boards, corrugated plastic, metal plate, banners and glass. The flatbed applicator gives you complete control and produces a result free from bubbles and creases.

Fayon Laminator 63" Heat/Cold Assist

The high-performance laminator is suitable for industrial applications. It allows for laminating, mounting and encapsulating prints, applying application tape and double-sided adhesive: compatible with all kinds of cold laminating film on the market.

Looking for something completely unique?

Contact MYC Graphics and we’ll help bring your ideas to life!