Wall Signs

Custom Inspired Wall Signs Reach Customers

Wall signs are the beautiful array of custom graphics, finishes, and mounting styles that businesses share throughout the exterior portion of their business. Wall signs can be customized to meet the unique needs of your branding goals by marrying vibrant graphics with expert print marketing for a holistic marketing approach you can be proud of. We use state-of-the-art large-format printers that help our graphic designers help manifest stunning wall sign designs that you can use for your exterior space.

Did you know many exterior signs can be illuminated? At MYC Graphics we can help take your graphics to the next level by offering back or front lighting to your exterior wall sign for increased visibility during evening hours. Our lighting options can be manufactured in a wide variety of colours that keep your business branded and in plain sight!

What exterior wall signs have you used?

We offer a variety of products you can use in addition to exterior wall signs, to uplift your marketing and help increase conversion. Print marketing engages customers and inspires repeat business. We help you design products that are in line with your long-term marketing goals with innovative solutions.