3D Printing

3D (3 dimensional) printing is the reconstruction of a static digital model into a physical dimensional object. The process of 3D printing involves joining various materials together through the use of a computer to fabricate something physically tangible. The most common 3D printed objects are various forms of plastic to make small objects or small parts that fashion together to make large objects.

Since the late 1980s, 3D printing has evolved from industry-specific modelling tools to printed items used by the general public. And we use our 3D printing tools to help businesses stay branded! Past projects include 3D printed comfort mask straps used by both medical professionals and our community members using face coverings for long periods. With simple design and fabrication capabilities, 3D masks help our team develop high-volume products with minimal downtime.

3D Printing Helps Market Brands

Modern 3D Printing Promotes Business

  • Develop small scale models on projects for clients
  • Create branded mobile devices cases
  • Design branded buttons and wearable logos
  • 3D print mask tension relief straps for customers
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Why MYC Graphics uses 3D Printers

3D printers offer unwavering capabilities on a variety of products.

3D printers are transformational machines that help businesses not only achieve marketing goals but also create products that can be offered to the public. In addition to their unwavering dimensional printing capabilities, 3D printers are fast and innovative tools that help take businesses to the next level in their niche industry.


Complete in house printing and finishing options

Small Format Printing

Make a good first impression! Our small format printing capabilities range from business cards, flyers, brochures, menus, presentation folders and much more.

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Large Format Printing

Our capabilities range from flatbed to roll printing with inline finishing options such as White Ink and Spot UV and in house mounting and lamination options.

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Creative Graphic Design

Our creative graphic design team communicates the right message and creates an engaging branding experience with your customers that will leave them wanting more.

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Manufacturing Services

We offer complete signage solutions in the manufacturing industry and our technology enables us to create all types of cutting edge signs.

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