Royal Meats BBQ Expansion

In early 2014 Royal Meats Barbeque approached us about helping them with signage needs for their upcoming renovation/expansion.

Stage 1 – Temporary Coming Soon Signage

Royal meats wanted to put up some coming soon signage to let their current customers know that they will be doing a renovation later in the year. We had discussed with them their plans for the expansion which included expanding the restaurant, adding a bar and a large entertainment media wall.


We built 3 solar power outdoor signs. Their location is on the corner of an intersection and we wanted to maximize the exposure to the amount of people passing by every day. Each sign is 4 x 8 feet and made from Crezon which is and outdoor wood product that lasts a long time and is widely used in construction signage. The signs were mounted on a base made from 2x4s. Each sign had LEDs mounted around the border to light it up during evening hours. These were temporary signs and we had no electrical supply to tie into so we powered them with solar panels.


During the construction process a part of the site was blocked off with construction fencing. We printed a large banner which was attached to the fence giving additional advertising giving the location less of a construction feel.


The interior was fitted with a variety of custom signs including wall murals and display signage showing what the expansion will bring to the current restaurant. Some of these signs were made to illustrate the large entertainment wall which we would be installing in the new bar addition.

Stage 2 – Exterior Signage

The whole building received a facelift and it needed new signage. We removed the old sign of the building and built and installed a new one. The new sign was made from 1 inch thick acrylic and faced with a metallic vinyl. The entire sign was a halo lit with red LEDs to match the restaurant branding. The sign was then pin mounted to the new building facade and turned on. The installation was a bit difficult due to a poor weather. It was a little cold and raining making it very difficult to use our template to install the sign perfectly straight. The access inside the ceiling was also very tight adding hours to the installation of the wiring to power this sign. It took us about a day and a half to install and wire the sign but it turned out great and the customer was more than happy.

Stage 3 – Installation of 3×3 TV Entertainment Wall

Due to the time and scheduling constraints with contractors and opening of the restaurant, we had to install the wall while the renovation inside was still in full force. Overall the installation went well with minor setbacks such as one of the wall brackets missing parts upon delivery. We used the Chief brand wall brackets and they replaced the part very quickly and we were able to finish installing and aligning the wall just before the opening day. The wall is comprised of 9 x 46 inch TV controlled through a wall mounted Ipad mini. Very user friendly and easy to use. Since the installation and programing of the wall, everything has been working perfectly and drawing new customers to the restaurant. The wall is in the new addition with virtually floor to ceiling windows facing the busy intersection. Cars stopped at red light can actually watch a game while waiting for the green light.

Royal Meats expansion isn’t over

In August 2014 we installed coming soon graphics at their future location in Toronto at City Place on Fort York. This location is planned to open before the summer 2015. We installed a massive window graphics covering the entire store front. We also printed and installed a large banner to temporarily cover a large pillar. Our client told us that their web traffic went from 3,000 monthly visitors to over 30,000 in the next month thanks to those advertising graphics. Properly done window graphics can have a significant effect on website traffic.

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