Sneeze Barriers Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Protective sneeze barriers are large shields made of plexiglass that create a physical barrier between community members within interior locations. With local guidelines requiring citizens to maintain a physical distance of at least 2 metres (6 feet), barriers can help shoppers participate in daily tasks without concern that they are failing to comply with government mandates. Sneeze barriers also assist in-store employees and check-out representatives by creating a transparent barrier between team members and constant shopping traffic.

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Protective sneeze barriers and shields help employees and customers engage daily, without the threat of spreading viruses.

We design and manufacture protective sneeze barriers to help keep team members and customers protected.

sneeze barriers

Our Protective Sneeze Barriers

sneeze barriers

Practice Social Distancing Guidelines.
Minimize the Spread of the Virus.


Hospitals are high-risk zones where viruses can spread. Protective sneeze barriers are fundamental to helping patients and doctors engage safely without concern that medical intervention may result in further illness.


Grocery stores receive thousands of customers daily within communities. Barriers, guards, and shields can be used to keep employees and shoppers safe during check-outs and between small isles.


Some retail services offer full in-store shopping experiences. Businesses can stop the spread of viruses by implementing products like shields and barriers for an easier and safer shopping experience.


Pharmacies are essential businesses that remain open to help community members receive important medical products. Barriers and shields help communities stay safe acquiring medical products needed for daily living.


Petrol stations see thousands of customers per day within any community. It is necessary that employees are kept safe from constant dispenser and in-store traffic with protective measures.


Airports need to maintain safety more than ever,  and safety shields, barriers, and guards can help ensure travellers entering and exiting the country avoid spreading potential symptoms of any virus to fellow travellers and airport staff.


Many travellers use hotel, motels, and bed and breakfast accommodations to safely quarantine prior to returning home to family or roommates. Businesses can create environments of safe social distancing with protective barriers.


Post offices, courier services, and mailing facilities are essential businesses that communities rely on to stay connected all over the world. Companies can utilize barriers and shields to employees are kept safe.


Moving and transport businesses can use protective shields and guards in-office and on-the-go to minimize the spread of viruses. Keeping delivery personnel safe can help communities remain in touch, safely, as well.


We have seen a spike in suburban real estate throughout communities. Real estate agents can safe quick showing environments for buyers with custom shields to ensure all families can sell their homes, safely.


Our elderly citizens are at greatest risk if ever in contact with the COVID-19 virus. By using safety products and informative signs, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and care centres can protect our elderly community.


Businesses that have front-of-house access points and reception for customers, visitors, delivery personnel, and staff require products that ensure health and safety. Products like shields, sneeze guards,  provide added safety.

We Can Help Your Staff & Customers Be Protected

We design and manufacture clear protective panels and face shields.