What is a sneeze barrier and can it really help prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Protective sneeze barriers are large shields made of plexiglass that create a physical barrier between people. Social distancing mandates that people stand at least 6 feet away, but completing a financial transaction from a distance makes this nearly impossible. The sneeze barriers help protect both cashiers and customers in the event that someone sneezes, coughs or even spits a little while speaking.

Protective sneeze barriers is a productive measure worth taking to protect people who don’t have access to medical masks.

We design and manufacture protective sneeze barriers.
We can help your staff and customers protected.

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Our Protective Sneeze Barriers

sneeze barriers

Practice Social Distancing Guidelines.
Minimize the Spread of the Virus.


Hospitals are a high-risk zone. Protective sneeze barriers are imperative not only during a time like this but all year round. Help protect staff, patients, and visitors.


Create a healthy checkout experience for team members, employees, and shoppers. Be sure to add extra precautions such as tape markers to promote social distancing.


Minimize the spread of the virus and ensure the highest level of sanitization at the retail stores by adding protective sneeze barriers. Flatten the curve during a time of distress.


Essential businesses such as pharmacies will need to continue to be open. However, you can help reduce the spread of the virus by adding protective barriers all year round.


Be mindful and install protective barriers for all registers at your gas station, or convenience store. Protect your team employees from airborne contaminants.


Air on the side of precaution and take every precaution you can to ensure the highest level of sanitization for employees and travellers at the airport. High-risk location.


Employee protective sneeze barriers are great for rental and leasing offices, real estate agent services, builder offices, and condo concierge areas.


Post office, courier and mailing services are essential services and will continue to operate. You can protect employees and customers by installing protective barriers.


Moving companies and transport companies can use protective sneeze barriers in their offices to help flatten the curve and minimize the spread of the virus.


Health care facilities, such as doctor’s offices, and emergency dentists are highly recommended to install protective barriers on their premises.


With the elderly population at most risk for infections and viruses, it is critical for all retirement homes and long term care facilities to protect their residents.


All businesses with reception desks such as physio-therapists, laundry, dry cleaners, & commercial contractors are strongly advised to install protective sneeze barriers.

We Can Help Your Staff & Customers Be Protected

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