Safety Notice Signage

Safety notice signage spreads awareness of important practices to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Our custom signs can be designed and fabricated for both indoor and outdoor use in a multitude of styles and colour variations to put your information at the forefront of your best practices. It’s important that your staff and customers know that your business upholds the highest level of safety so employees and shoppers may communicate and engage effectively during purchasing experiences without risking health and safety.

Our custom safety notice signage includes self-screening notices, infection prevention and control, cleaning and disinfecting practices, social distancing guidelines, and rules and regulations regarding patron information collection during COVID-19 screening procedures. Have you been sharing the right information? Let us help share important information to your valued customers.

We design and manufacture safety notice signage to help keep customers and employees protected.

Covid-19 Safety Products

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Food Delivery Safety - Tamper Evident Labels

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Practice Social Distancing Guidelines.
Minimize the Spread of the Virus.


Hospitals are high-risk zones. Protective sneeze barriers are important to help stop the spread of any virus. Sneeze barriers can be fabricated to fit any space in clear designs that make it easy to engage with patients and visitors.


There are a limited number of grocery stores within communities where thousands of people pass through the same check-out lines, daily.  Create safe experiences for shoppers and employees by promoting distancing.


Retail stores require a more interactive experience with customers to help and inform key details about new products and services. We cater to the unique offering of stores with our custom protected measures.


Pharmacies are essential businesses that must remain open. In addition to COVID-19, community members will be experiencing common coughs and colds during flu season. Help stop the spread and concern.


Petrol stations will see thousands of customers per day, filling up their tanks outdoors and making purchases with attendants indoors. Protect employees from long-distance travellers and airborne contaminants.


Airports are high-risk locations with a variety of points where germs and viruses can enter. Keep employees and travellers safe during departure and arrival with safety shields to protect and multi-lingual signs to inform.


There are many hotels, motels, and bed and breakfast locations that have remained opened for travellers undergoing quarantine. Our customers can provide hospitable experiences with important health and safety in place.


Post office centres, courier services, and mail providers are essential services and continue to operate throughout communities. Employees can be kept safe by implementing procedures and products to keep staff safe.


Moving and transport companies can use protective sneeze barrier in offices to help flatten the curve and minimize the spread of viruses and germs. Signs can also inform new business of common practices utilized.


The pandemic has seen a spike in buying and selling across communities.  Real Estate agents can benefit from shields and barriers to help customers sell their homes to purchasers during quick showings, without risking health.


Our elderly citizens are at greatest risk of being infected with the COVID-19 virus. It is critical that retirement centres, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities implement pristine practices to help our retired community members.


Essential businesses offering front-of-house entry for customers, patients, and delivery require protective barriers to help stop the spread of germs. Utilizing the right protective gear and signs can mitigate long-term health risks.

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