Window Shade Graphics

Your Branded Alternative to Window Coverings

Window shade graphics are hanging window treatments that provide a branded alternative to covering your windows while also helping promote your business with a cohesive marketing strategy. Shade graphics can be designed in diverse finishes with a variety of colour styles to display your unique brand logo or messaging with easy-to-read and impressive detail.

These stunning features also help elevate your marketing strategy by implementing useful elements within your space fashioned with your branding – window shades offer a practical solution from heat and drafts for employees. By customizing branded window shades, you are investing in two solutions through one product for your office space.

Benefits of Window Shade Graphics in your Office

Businesses can use window shade graphics to market their interior space and create a holistic approach to customers. With that, we mean that everything from your walls to windows can shout your branding and help reinforce an experience to leave a lasting impression!

  • Maintain a temperate space through protective shades
  • Customize almost any logo, font style, and colour scheme
  • Create privacy without shutting out potential foot traffic
  • Capture the attention with perforated graphics
  • Offers practicality alongside marketing strategy