Rotating Signs

Eye-catching Rotating Signs Inspire Sales

Rotating signs are fun and noticeable custom sign alternatives that can’t help but draw attention to your business! These signs work by continuously rotating 360 degrees on custom-designed bearings to display double-sided information to all potential customers. Rotating signs can be manufactured to spin electronically or to maintain a continuous spin via the wind – also known as wind spinners!

Weather-resistant Rotating Signs are Quality Displays

Rotating outdoor signs contain custom HD 3M weather-resistant graphics that help customers get to know your business in the long-term without the risk of UV fading and weather damage. Rotating signs can be printed and fabricated as mid-sized freestanding sign structures with easy relocation capabilities without requiring any intervention from professional installers. But, if you require a brand new custom rotating sign that’s a bit bigger than your average spinner, our graphic designers and manufacturers can work with you to create fully branded floor-mounted signs that stand the test of time and draw attention to your business from greater distances!