Pole Banner Signs

Increase traffic from both directions with pole banner signs!

Street light pole banner signs draw attention from afar with vibrant colours, detailed graphics, and fade-resistant materials including vinyl, polyester, and nylon. Street pole banners are securely mounted to street lights by one side, to create a sleek and sturdy banner effect that does not sway in the wind or bend during unfavourable weather conditions.

Pole banner signs are versatile and easy to install!

Street light pole banners can also be easily removed to share new events, promotions, and information to meet individual branding goals whenever required. These signs can have logos and graphics printed on one side or can feature double-sided printing to capture the attention of foot traffic coming from multiple directions. All outdoor street light pole banners come with hardware to allow for easy mounting that does not cause damage to city street poles. We love helping businesses market and brand their products and services! Contact us to learn more.