Office branding

office branding

What is office branding

Office branding is about connecting, adapting, and transforming your physical office space to match your organization's core mission and values. A thoughtful approach to office branding can play a big role in strengthening company-employee relationships, tell the story of your organization's values, inspire consumer confidence and drive results.

Why you need Office branding

Office branding can work wonders for your company and tell everyone what you are all about. You can create a welcoming ambiance for current and prospective clients and employees. At MYC Graphics, our team of graphic designers works with you on your Office branding to develop customized office graphics that help you to:

Establish Your Brand Identity: Set yourself apart from other businesses in the same field. This will help customers recognize your brand better, relate to it, and get a comprehensive idea of your vision and goals. It speaks of consistency in behaviour and improves trust between clients and the company, especially when your company has multiple locations or many departments.

Communicate your Brand Message:  Office Branding enables you to communicate messages efficiently and establish a higher degree of trust with customers and partners. MYC Graphics uses quality materials and innovative ideas for your office branding to underline the idea that you will not compromise on either of those for your clients.

Encourage Employee Loyalty: Having the brand name, logo, and associated colours across the office space and, seeing it on a regular basis, leads to employees feeling a connection with the organization. It fosters a sense of ownership and encourages them to work with dedication, thus boosting productivity.

Enhances your Brand Value – Investors and partners are assured that you mean business and are committed to living up to your brand statements

How MYC Graphics can help you with your Office Branding

We start off by first identifying what kind of Industry does your business represent? What is the message you want to convey with your branded design? What do you want your clients and employees to feel when they step into your office every time? Once we get the answer to these questions, it becomes easier to visualize what is the best Office Branding solution for your office.

The designers at MYC Graphics are experts at maintaining a fine balance between creating an impression, and overwhelming people with your branded design elements.  It is important to us that your office tells a story while being inviting. People coming into the office should be aware of your branding from the moment they step in, but in a subtle way instead of it being in their face all the time.

Interior signage

Office Wall Graphics

Savvy business owners know how much value corporate wall graphics can provide their workplace. With the right graphics on your walls, you can spruce up your office’s interior to make it more attractive to clients, employees, and visitors. Additionally, there are a variety of other ways to use small or large-format wall graphics, such as advertising a service, directing people around your building, and establishing a brand identity.

Often, companies see corporate wall graphics as a way to break free from the stereotypical plain, personality-less office. With corporate wall graphics, you can craft lively environments that reflect your company’s identity and help make your employees’ time more enjoyable.

Why do we recommend Office Wall Graphics for your Business

· Office wall graphics can set the tone of your work space
· Wall graphics illustrate and promote company culture
· Office wall graphics contribute to your brand equity
· Office wall graphics boost productivity by reducing employee stress

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Our Expertise in Office Wall Graphics

Office Wallpapers

Wallpapers are definitely a good choice when it comes to enhancing working areas or giving your home a new refreshed look as they can add a comfortable, cosy feel to a room.
Bring some pattern in your workspace with our wallpapers for office space. If you are looking for a stunning wallpaper for office wall or want to wallpaper your workspace all around, we've got you covered.
Check out our work and know more about how Creative Wall Papers can enhance your environment at Office and at home.

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Office Wall Murals

Wall Murals are the most artistic and eye-catching type of corporate wall graphic you can choose. Indoor wall murals are typically available with a wide selection of images, graphics and colors. Because large wall mural printing adds an artistic feel to your walls, interior wall murals are typically best at improving the feel of an office’s environment. Outdoor wall murals primarily make an office space more appealing and inviting for your clients and employees. Wall murals are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners and businesses are using them to create a design statement to tie together a room, communicate the company philosophy and brand promotion.

Check out our work and know more about how Creative Wall Murals can add dynamic energy to the environment at your Office and at home.

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Office Wall Decals

Custom Wall decals are perfect to decorate your office or store. If you want to decorate your space walls uniquely, Custom Wall decals are very suitable as you can choose any size, colors and even any design to suit your needs. Custom wall decals have changed the way we look at walls in the previous years and have transformed the wall design industry.

Our beautiful and functional wall art will make your office a great space. We'll Use Innovative Marketing & Custom Graphics to Convey Your Brand's Messaging. Custom wall decals come in a variety of materials, and are printed with quality inks that highlight the vibrancy of any image or logo you need. Best of all, they are reusable, and never leave behind a sticky residue.

Check out our work and know more about how inspirational Custom Wall Decals can add dynamic energy to invigorate your walls at and at home.

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Custom Letters

Custom lettering is a popular option for companies who want to brand their building with custom messages and the company’s name. Custom letters can be used to spruce up your home, business, vehicle, or whatever project you’re working on. At MYC Graphics, we specialize in creating custom letters of any size, shape, or color. Two-dimensional options are usually the most common, but you can use three-dimensional letters to make even more of a statement. Since three-dimensional letters project out of the wall, they are excellent at highlighting the message you’d like to spread to viewers.

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Office Signage

Office signage are ideal to enhance an office space with information, artwork and branding. They can help your office become a more vibrant and convenient place to work with signage and graphics that inform and inspire. Office signage can also help attract people to your business and engage them while they’re there.

Signage nowadays is an essential part of our everyday lives. After all, seeing various signs for stores, roads, and inside establishments is common. A lot of businesses and establishments utilize signage for different reasons. The most common type of signage that people see is wayfinding signs, which are often found on the streets. One can also find them inside huge establishments like malls or office buildings. They also come in various shapes and sizes, from small lawn signs to large billboards.


Office signs - indoors and outdoors can provide several advantages to your company. You can easily implement graphics and signage throughout your office to reinforce your brand, give directions and help you individualize various areas. You can use them outside to draw attention to your company or inside to enhance the environment.

Check out some of the top benefits of office signs and graphics
· Draw attention to your office
· Reinforce your brand
· Improve your office’s environment
· Ensure staff and visitors know where to go

The Purpose and Use of Signage
Signs are often used to give directions, boost safety awareness, promote, provide information, or identify. Some commonly used signs are:

Outdoor Signs
Outdoor signage is any signage that is installed on the exterior of your business, or in another location. It could also be attached to your business premises to maximize on free space and alert people to your presence. Outdoor signs are made from durable materials and used by businesses and organizations to share information with potential visitors and customers. They can be freestanding or attached to a building’s exterior and can be focused on brand awareness, contact information, or designed to promote a specific product or service.

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Interior Signage

Interior signs are as much a part of your business branding as they are a part of the building décor. Whether you are looking to provide directional assistance to clients and visitors, or putting your brand’s logo on display for a dramatic first impression, custom interior signs provide a versatile solution for both. Interior signage plays a key role when it comes to improving the customer’s overall experience, resulting in a higher customer return rate. Interior signage has a whole host of benefits for your business, signage can really help build your business and allow you to enjoy greater advantages.

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Window Graphics

Window graphics are signage and advertising products that are attached directly to a window. Window graphics come in a variety of different types, styles, and sizes, and they are usually fully customizable based on a business ‘needs. The advertising industry is constantly evolving, but advertising methods, like window graphics, will always be advantageous, especially in areas that receive high footfalls and drive-by traffic. Window graphics reach the most relevant people in your area; the people who will most likely be doing business with you!

Benefits of Window Graphics

Versatility: You can choose a new style and change it as frequently as you want.

Built-in advertising: Window graphics is the ideal way to let your potential customers know about your product or services.

Brand promotion and Sales promotion: Window graphics gives you the opportunity to communicate your brand message or highlight promotional offers.

Greater Privacy: You can use window graphics to create a privacy barrier on windows on the interior of a work space. You can also use frosted glass or etched films to block off parts of your work space that you don’t want passersby to see — without taking the natural light out of those spaces.

Savings. In some areas, hanging up a sign or putting up another type of display requires a permit. It costs money to rent a billboard or purchase a print ad. While window graphics aren’t free, they do tend to cost a lot less than other forms of advertising and usually don’t require the purchase of a permit.

Improved appearance. Window graphics give you the chance to dress up your work space or building and mask any unappealing areas.

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Environmental Graphics

Effective environmental graphics combine form and function to transform spaces into something unique and memorable. They are a cost-effective marketing tool that enhances brand perception and provides valuable information to employees and customers. Environmental Graphics employs elements such as colors, typography (fonts), patterns, materials, images, themes, and messaging to tell a story within a physical space and then tightly integrates that story. Environmental graphics provides your clients and visitors with the user experience that they will connect with instantly.

· They create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your office décor

· Their aesthetic effects can create an ambience that provides a source of inspiration for your employees

· Environmental Graphics provides an increase in brand recognition making the customers never forget about who you are

· Create a brand experience that starts from within your office.

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