COVID Reopening Products for Restaurant & Food Services

MYC Graphics offers COVID response products to help you open!

Whether re-opening following quarantine or a seasonal hiatus, MYC Graphics designs and fabricates branded COVID reopening products and signs for your eatery and beverage shop. Our indoor and outdoor signs can be fabricated in a multitude of finishes for long-lasting, temporary, or weather-proof use to ensure customers are aware of your business’s updates. With our state-of-the-art printing equipment, we also deal in scale! We can customize and print almost any size sign or banner to help attract new and repeat business from a distance.

COVID Reopening Products

Health and Safety Signage

The OHSA act indicates that it’s important for all food and beverage businesses to follow best practices to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Health and Safety Signage can help your restaurant maintain social distancing, sanitation practices, and symptom reporting through unique designs that draw attention and command action. We can work with you to develop novel COVID reopening products or standardized information banners that adhere to Health and Safety guidelines.

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Roll Up Banners

Announce your commitment

Roll-up banners help your restaurant reinforce safety and physical distancing messages by introducing guests to new operating standards and procedures important to the public. These banners can be used at entry points, front desk areas, customer service desks,  and sanitation stations. Our health and safety banners are available in a variety of sizes and finishes to capture attention and share the right information. Our team can work with you to develop expert COVID reopening products for your restaurant.

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Stand alone banner for restaurants
Table toppers for Restaurants

Table Graphics

Social Distancing Table Graphics

As restaurants open their dine-in services, physical distancing remains at the forefront of appropriate practices. Table Graphics can be used to accurately convey information, making it easier for guests to navigate new protocols and enjoy their dining experience. Our innovative COVID reopening products for restaurants help businesses remain open and provide unwavering service. Our plastic graphics can be easily removed without causing furniture damage or unwanted residue.

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Floor Graphics

Social Distancing Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are a dynamic way of informing guests of appropriate protocols or to redirect patrons to particular locations, without disturbing the aesthetic feel of your restaurant. Our team designs and fabricates a variety of floor graphics to celebrate your brand, while promoting accurate information, for best in-restaurant practices that your guests can rely on.

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floor graphics for COVID-19 social distancing
sneeze barriers for restaurants

Sneeze Barriers & Dividers

Barriers for dine-in areas & your point-of-purchase

Sneeze Barriers help customers and employees maintain a protected distance between tables, through queues, and so much more. Sneeze barriers help prevent the transmission of viruses by blocking the spread of respiratory germs that expels through the body when a person speaks. The food industry has always been particularly vulnerable to unfavourable conditions when the right health and safety standards are not in place. Our sneeze barriers help create a safe and comfortable environment that allows customers to enjoy their dining experience.

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Food Safety Labels

Provide Accurate Information on your Food & Beverage Products

Food delivery is an essential service for customers and has since become essential to businesses to survive quarantine measures. Being able to communicate accurate and robust information to customers is paramount to maintaining a strong relationship and trust between retailer and consumer. Our food safety labels are designed and printed in a multitude of graphic styles and customizations to keep your brand in line, while communicating informative snippets regarding food products when in-person contact isn’t available.

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