COVID-19 Re-Opening Products for Restaurant and Food Services

MYC Graphics offers COVID response products to help you open!

Reopening your restaurant during the COVID-19 outbreak means managing your restaurant to protect the health and safety of your employees, customers, and the public. MYC Graphics supports both employers and employees to fulfill their duties under the Occupational Health and Safety Act Guidelines. Below is a wide range of resources and safety products you can use while re-opening your restaurants/cafes.

COVID Signage

Health and Safety Signage

The OHSA act states that restaurants and the foodservice sector need to establish and follow the best practices in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Health and Safety Signage can help your restaurant maintain social distancing, sanitation practices, and symptom reporting. COVID-19 signage can be used for lobbies, elevators, sanitizer stations, etc. We offer Health and Safety Signage in customizable as well as standard sizes.

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Roll Up Banners

Outline your commitment

Roll up banners help your restaurant to reinforce safety and physical distancing messages. These banners can introduce your guests to the new operating standards you are adopting to keep your guests safe. These banners should be used at Entry points, Front desks, customer service and sanitation stations. Our Health and Safety Banners are available in a standard and premium size.

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Stand alone banner for restaurants
Table toppers for Restaurants

Table Graphics

Social Distancing Table Graphics

As Restaurants open their dine-in services, it is important to recognize the importance of physical distancing among guests as well. Table Graphics should be used in order to maintain physical distancing guidelines in your dining areas. These plastic graphics can be installed with no adhesives so you can be relieved that it will prove no harm to your furniture and will be easy to sanitize.

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Floor Graphics

Social Distancing Floor Graphics

You can help your guests prevent the spread of the virus by encouraging distancing among them. Floor graphics help in establishing safe distances among your guests as they are easy to notice. We offer these safety markers in pre-designed options as well as custom designs. They can also be used on windows, walls, floors, etc to enforce physical distancing in your restaurants and workplaces.

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floor graphics for COVID-19 social distancing
sneeze barriers for restaurants

Sneeze Barriers / Dividers

Safety Barriers for dine-in areas and POS

Our Sneeze Barriers will help you keep a protective barrier between customer tables and promote contactless transactions between your employees and guests. Sneeze barriers prevent the transmission of the virus by blocking the dispersion of respiratory droplets propelled by coughing and sneezing. We offer standard as well as customizable options for these plexiglass shields.

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Food Safety Labels

Guarantee tamper-free food deliveries

In post-COVID times, Food delivery would be essential for businesses to continue their operations. We offer food safety labels as an efficient way to ensure your customers know that you have taken all Health and Safety precautions to protect the food you deliver to them. Easy to stick and peel, these tamper-proof seal are available in many designs and can be used with all types of food containers.

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