Fleet Graphics

Branding fleets is a great way to take advantage of the real-estate on vehicles and transform them into brand building machines. The cost of simple decals or a full wrap compared to the cost of the actual vehicle is only a small fraction. Branding fleet with graphics can have a significant and positive effect on the brand or products being advertised. A study concluded that a staggering 97% of people surveyed recalled an advertisement on a truck. An impressive 98% thought the ads created a positive image of the advertiser and 96% thought fleet graphics had more impact than billboards.

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Having a branded fleet can add credibility to your company through people’s impression of the graphics. A single logo on a truck can give the impression of a stable and reliable company. Whereas a blank truck can make the company look more like a 1 person show even if it has 100 of employees.

Graphics can also help rejuvenate an older fleet. Wrapping an entire truck or trailer can make it look brand new. Sometimes it’s much cheaper to wrap the vehicle rather than go out and buy a new one because the old one is starting to look really old. In fact many companies are saving money by purchasing used vehicles and having them wrapped.

New vehicles that have been wrapped receive the benefit of protecting their original surface. When vinyl is installed on a vehicle, it protects the paint from ware and tear, fading from UV, and small stone chips. This can add resale value to a vehicle when it goes up for sale.