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The 3M MCS Warranty

At 3M, we’re confident in our graphics, because we engineer them to withstand the elements in the most extreme environments on earth. For decades, we’ve been vigorously testing the durability and weatherability of 3M products at outdoor testing sites across the globe, as well as at our industry-leading Weathering Resource Center.

Using world-class technologies, our brightest scientists, chemists, and technicians subject 3M films and components to unparalleled analysis and rigorous testing for resistance to nature’s worst – sunlight, heat, water, and more – simulating years of exposure to punishing conditions.

At 3M, we’re proud to partner and co-brand with world leading ink and OEM printer manufacturers, such as HP, EFI™, and more.

We’re so proud of these ink partnerships that we’ve protected them with the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty. Our innovative co-branded inks are durable and weather resistant, and optimized for use with many 3M films and protective options. Use our co-branded inks along with 3M films, and you’re guaranteed to deliver high performing graphics.

Only 3M offers a comprehensive graphics product range and backs it with the industry-leading 3M™ MCS™ Warranty.