Outdoor Building Signage

When it comes to outdoor building signage there are so many different possibilities. A well made sign can grab attention and drive people inside your business. There are many materials that can be used to construct various types of outdoor signs.


Sign Box

Sign Boxes are pretty common outdoor building signage in most plazas. They are generally made from an aluminum frame with an acrylic insert, which then has graphics applied to it.

Illuminated Sign Box

Illuminated outdoor sign boxes are the same as above except that they light up. Older signs usually use florescent lights while the newer ones now use LEDs.

Channel Lettering Signs

Most newer plazas are now requiring tenants to use channel lettering signs for their outdoor building signage. Channel lettering looks really nice and gives the sign presence. They are made in the same fashion as illuminated sign boxes where each letter is made from an aluminum frame in the shape of the letter with an acrylic insert.

Halo-Lit Signs

Outdoor Halo-lit signs are individual letters which can be cut from a variety of materials including acrylic, sintra, aluminum, etc. LED lights and are then mounted inside or on the back of the letter producing a halo effect on the wall to which they are mounted to.

3D Signage

Dimensional signage is great for indoor or outdoor applications. It can be used for company logos, tag lines, or product’s heading. It can be made from various materials including, acrylic, MDF, Sintra, Gator Board, etc. and can be mounted to virtually any surface.

Pylon Signs

Pylon Signage is standard in pretty much every mall, strip mall, outlet mall, etc. Pylon signage is made virtually the same as a sign box.

Blade Signs

Blade signs are great for store fronts especially those located on busy streets. They can be lit up and allow people so see the store from far away.

Custom Signs

When it comes to custom signage, anything is possible. We can design, manufacture, and install virtually anything in your mind. Give us a call and let us create your custom outdoor building signage today.