Giorgio Armani at The CN Tower for TIFF 2014

Giorgio Armani TIFF 2014

Giorgio Armani hosted their Films of City Frames event at the CN Tower during TIFF 2014.

We were responsible for all the printing and installation of all the graphics for this event. The scope of the project was pretty large and the timeline was very tight. Our production window was roughly a week to print and manufacture all of the signage. The installation timeline was even tighter for the 2 event venues that day. We were only allowed to begin installing the graphics on the day of the event on Saturday at 12:01am and had to be finished before the event began at 8:00pm. The removal was to begin at 12:01am Sunday and had to be completed before 6am. These timelines were very important so that the regular operation of the CN Tower would not be disrupted.

Project Scope

Exterior Signs & Graphics - CN Tower

The exterior portion of the project had by far the largest of the graphics required for the event. These graphics included:

8' x 20' Free Standing Step & Repeat Media Wall

This custom step & repeat wall had to be pre-built at our facility and assembled on site. It had to be sturdy enough to withstand strong winds flowing down the CN Tower to the base where it was installed. It was built using aluminum composite panels for the graphic's face with black Sintra panels for the sides and rear to give the wall a complete look. The frame was made of 2x4s and weighted down to ensure it did not move or tip during the event.

11' x 40' Window Graphic

This window graphic was one of the main focal points at the Towers base. It was a large white Giorgio Armani Logo on a black background.

18' x 70' Window Graphic

This window area had the CN Tower's Edge Walk graphics which had to be covered up for the event using temporary white vinyl.

18' x 18' Elevator Graphic 60' in the air

This elevator graphic was visible from all around the base of the CN Tower. It featured the Films of City Frames Logo.

Various Entrance and Lobby Signage

There were various entrance signs featuring the Giorgio Armani logo as well as ticket area signs featuring the Films of City Frames logo.

Exterior Signs & Graphics - St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts

Various Display Graphics

This venue hosted a film screening and we were required to install various film posters around the venue.

Interior Signs & Graphics - CN Tower

12' x 20' Wall Mural

This large wall mural was in the main hallway leading to the elevator inside the tower. It featured the Giorgio Armani Logo.

Various Directional Signage

Various directional signage was installed in the event theme around the base of the tower. It aided in directing people from outside to the event in the tower above.

Various Decor Graphics

Various decor graphics were installed all over the place to give the CN Tower an authentic Giorgio Armani feel.

Interior Tower Signs & Graphics - CN Tower

8' x 20' Step & Repeat Wall

A 2nd step & repeat wall was installed in the tower. This graphics were installed on a preexisting wall.

Various Directional Signage and Decor Graphics

The event was hosted in the tower and also required various direction and decor graphics to give the event an authentic feel.

Installation & Removal

The installation was challenging enough with the given timeline. It was even tougher due to some early weather concerns and equipment failures. When we arrived at 12:01am we began installing as many of the graphics inside as possible. Upon finishing, it was raining outside preventing us from being able to install any graphics outside. The rain eventually died down and we were able to start outdoor graphics installation around 6-7am.

The next major set back was when out boom lift used to install the elevator graphic died half way into the install. It took the equipment rental company a few hours the replace it but it came just in time for us to finish the elevator graphic before the even started.

With the event starting at 8pm, our team went home to rest for a few hours before having to be back at 12:01am for the removal of all the graphics. The removal took us about 4 hours because we used good quality temporary vinyl for the majority of the installations. This was a requirement as we were covering up several of the CN Tower graphics and they were not allowed to be damaged. The removal went without a hitch.

A special thank you goes out to everyone who worked with us on this project including all the staff from Armani and the CN Tower.

Our staff deserves a special mention because they basically went 2 days, some more, without sleeping to ensure this event was a success.

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